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November 14, 2017

“When people underestimate you, it is a projection of their own perceived limitations of their life.  When you rise, their own perception of self might too.”-A.L.

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Jackie Hill talks spiritual warfare

August 14, 2017

An anointed voice for the present times. Please tune in to Jackie Hill’s video link, as part of our series on “Ministry in Motion,” where Mojo Media Online features videos and teachings that speak to the spirit and utilizes the creatively gifted to spread His message of the Gospel.

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Spoken Word Ministry of Jackie Hill

August 14, 2017

Being blown away is an egregious understatement when it comes to the experience, that is Jackie Hill. The self-proclaimed, former lesbian who has overcome the wounds of abandonment, molestation and low self-esteem has  used her platform to minister to those whom many have shut out in the church, or simply not known how to address the needs of the broken, confused and hurting. From weed to same-sex relationships, Jackie Hill finds no territory off-limits to explore, teach and minister the truth of the Gospel. She is an anointed voice,  gifted with a creativity to reach down in the soul and set the atmosphere for a renewed mind. Tune in with the video link as Jackie Hill shares a poem about “weed.”

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Gospel Artist Leandria Johnson debuts “Bigger Than Me” Album in NYC

July 28, 2017

lelemeWith her latest singles from her new release, “Bigger Than Me” blaring in the intimate studio space at Sony Music headquarters, Gospel Artist and Minister Leandria Johnson, is a vision of all smiles with a bold red and white shimmery T-shirt, with the words, “Bonjour” blazoned on the front, matching an even bolder personality.

“What do you all think?” asks the former Gospel Best’s Talent show winner, as she directs her question to Sony execs and producers standing and seated among the crowd of music lovers and artists. She explains how she values their opinion, after receiving applause from the wider audience of invited guests. Far from the controversial aspects that has sometimes become the headline attached to the name of Minister Leandria Johnson; the intimate atmosphere of the listening party has put a spotlight on the glowing star’s vulnerability as she cautiously nods as listeners and spectators voice their opinion of her latest work. When provided the opportunity to speak with the glowing starlet, her stature alone toppled mine in height, but in our exchanges regarding her album and work, the songstress almost shyly offered a warm thank-you. She then accepted a congratulatory card on behalf of Mojo Media Online and with gratitude, warmly gave a hug and excitedly voiced, “You are so sweet.” It was yet another moment of seeing the humility of a young woman with an extraordinary gift, just happy to express and share.

Johnson’s riveting contralto melodies, seemed to float through the room as one crowd favorite, “Bigger Than Me,” plays to bobbing heads and swaying bodies. The song is the first released single off the album of the same name and serves as a testament to a self-described, “imperfect person” that serves and knows a perfect God. Minister Johnson explains to one listener during a Q and A session that she knows the God she serves and she does not think about what people say in regards to her personally, but strives to stay true to her self and what God is doing within her. The overall message of the album and transitioning artist is that what God is releasing through His people is bigger than the woman we see standing before the masses. God’s plans and ways He chooses to use us is bigger than our circumstances and bigger than our mistakes.

Other songs include, ” Change is Now” which highlights Johnson’s powerhouse vocals, “Love Anymore” a catchy call to love better and “Come Through,” a R&B-vibed plea for God to show up.  Johnson experiments with various producers over modernized, old-school sounds that showcases a spirited message and voice that affirms identity and a bold willingness to stand with God, despite naysayers. The album also follows much of the leading message behind Minister Johnson’s popular hit, “Jesus” in combining her testimonies with the truth she has come to know.

“Bigger Than Me,” is a soulful, gospel album that almost feels as Minister Johnson’s personal diary being opened up to encourage the next man and woman needing affirmation of God’s presence and God’s love. It is an album that connects generations in its message and delivery. “Bigger Than Me” is sure to be a staple for the young and the golden in both age and spiritual maturity.

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Arise Women’s Conference in South Africa

May 18, 2017

“Arise,” is the powerful verb used in Isaiah 60:1 , that calls for God’s people to awaken and move on the knowledge that their light has come, empowering them to shine! As this message continues to give revelation to the broken, the hurting and the hopeless, it is also a message for those moving in faith and in purpose. It is a reminder that God is indeed not finished yet! His best works will be through His people.

On June 3, 2017, Minister Kesha Trippett, a long-time supporter of Mojo Media Online, will serve as  guest speaker at the Arise Women’s Conference held in Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp, South Africa. This dynamic woman of God is among good company, with powerful musicians and leaders Amor Vittone and Liza and Belinda Bronner joining forces to empower and restore through the power of the Gospel. It will be a life-changing event, you do not want to miss!

Here’s more information on this year’s conference leaders:

Kesha Trippett is founder of Daughters of the King (DOTK) International Ministries. She has ministered at women conferences, counseled, mentored, and discipled many. Possessing a deep passion to inspire, revive, and unite women, Kesha launched Daughters of the King Daily Devotional on October 9, 2012, which is a writing ministry that has experienced phenomenal growth and international reach. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in Business Administration. She went on to graduate with honors from Word of Faith Bible Training Center and is a licensed minister of the Gospel.  She desires for women all over the world to experience the love of God and the reality of His blessings in their lives.

Amor Vittone is a South African media personality, singer and actress. She is also a former Miss Johannesburg winner. As a television presonality, she has presented television shows on Kyknet, M-Net and SABC 3. Amor was nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award) in the category “Best Afrikaans pop album” in 2006. She was the only female artist nominated in this category. Amor is the patron of Irene Homes for Mentally and Physically Disabled in Pretoria.

Liza Bronner is Known for such Afrikaans-language albums as Asemloos and Vir eers is dit net ek. This popular South African singer and songwriter also became famous as the champion of a reality television competition for the lead role in a stage musical titled Liefling. A philanthropist as well as a performer, she is involved in several Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation events.

Belinda Bronner is a gifted musician, known for her Afrikaans-language album Heilig is U Naam which also features fellow musician, Liza Bronner. Belinda also serves as area manager for Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation. She enjoys developing creative ways to uplift and inspire .

Please see flyer for ticket information.

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March 26, 2017
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There are so many searching for identity. The clothes we choose to wear, the style for our hair, even the interests we choose to pursue leads back to the identity we seek to portray. However, how do we choose our identity? Where do we download our directions from? Where do we start?

These are some very good questions that many of us never consciously ask ourselves. Rather, it tends to be whatever we expose ourselves to the most that dictates the identity we develop. I think about pop music and how many iconic figures have arose from devoted fans and followers that purchase products, imitate their images and defend their honor as if the perception of their favorite artist directly effects their own lives and its meaning. The fans have internalized these images and maybe idolized them too. These idols then become the blueprint for how they think and make decisions. The artist represents something bigger than themselves, but something they can strive to be.

For Christians, identity solely stems from who you are in Christ. So, who are you in Christ?  Well, a starting point is the scriptures that detail what we are equipped to do and what our mindset and heart should be centered on: Romans 8:37, 1 John 5:18, Ephesians 6:16, Peter 1:16, Romans 8:2, 2 Corinthians 5:20, are just a few to study. Now, once we grasps the scriptures, the next step is application of this identity.  One must ask these questions, “what seems to come natural to me?, What do I gravitate to and what is my personality type?,  What am I passionate about?,  What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses?”

These questions are very practical, yet  spiritual as every person is an unique individual with unique gifts and anointings. We are all created as vessels, meaning we are called to be used in the body of Christ within our worship and our ministering to others. It is the very strengths and weaknesses of ourselves that is used to fulfill this commandment. In essence, God takes what we bring to the table and then exudes his power through us to complete his purposes.  So who are you? Once you gain the revelation of this question, life begins for you and those God has put in your midst.


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Trust The Captain: A fresh view on relationships

February 5, 2017

There are two important words within the word Relationship: “Relation” and “Ship.”  When we begin to explore what it means to be in a relationship; these two words become key in how we approach and navigate through them. The word “relation” is used to describe how two or more things compare, interact and contrast with each other. By understanding this root word in terms of our perspective on the concept of relationship; we can develop healthy relationships or break away from unhealthy ones.

No two people are the same and with each new relationship, there are bound to be differences and similarities, conflicts and compliments that can either help or hinder our growth as people. A deliberate evaluation of how we relate with others is necessary in determining the position they should hold within our lives. This evaluation requires the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit and our God-given ability to observe what a person contributes to our lives as well as what we contribute to theirs. The contribution does not have to be equal, but it should be positive. Furthermore, if the contribution is negative, the decision to limit the interactions within the relationship may be necessary or end it completely. A negative contribution does not always mean the relationship is not fruitful.  Some relationships can be challenging in a way that produces maturity and growth. This is where wisdom plays its role and the “ship” part of the word is most evident.

Relationships evolve, move and reposition constantly. The word “ship” signifies a vessel that transports its occupants from one place to another. A “ship” requires a captain and the ship sets sail when the atmosphere is conducive for travel. As you enter friendships or a courtship with a potential mate, understand that there is a divine timeframe set for these relationships. Under the right conditions, the captain knows when to set sail and allow these journeys to begin and end. Trust the captain.

So, what does this all mean? When we engage with others, it is important to understand that every interaction leads us somewhere. The gift of sharing aspects of ourselves with others is valuable and should be viewed from this lens. Whatever is valued in life is protected and when we begin to evaluate how and with whom we share, our circle of people become strong sails that lead each other to one’s destiny. However, every sail requires a captain. The most important relationship is with the captain, whom will guide you and those accompanying you on the voyage. There is limited space on the ship and everyone may not be able to sail with you. Perhaps some will see you off from the dock, while others will meet you once you reach your destination. Whatever the case, know that your relationships correlate directly with your destiny. God’s plans for you are facilitated by these divine connections, and when we allow God to be the captain, our sail becomes a bit smoother.

May your prayers this year be that God gives you wisdom in all relationships. May He guide you in being discerning of all interactions and value the relationships God has brought in to facilitate growth and movement of His people in 2017. ~originally written by Angela Fedrick-Lewis for Daughters of Esther, INC Newsletter

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Mojo Media Online LLC Sponsors Young Entrepreneurs in Clothing Venture

October 7, 2016

When we think of the word, “BOSS,” many emotions may flood our conscience, as we vividly are reminded of the tyrant that unfairly placed a letter in our employee file, or maybe that leader that helped us get to the position we envisioned for ourselves by supporting and endorsing our gifts. Whatever the case, three young female entrepreneurs from opposite sides of the East Coast, redefines “BOSS” as a state of  mind. It is in fact the demonstration of inner confidence, respect and drive that these young ladies has put to good use in developing their own online custom T-shirt company, P.I.N.K. Boss T-shirts Incorporated. Completely developed and led by 11-year olds Aneesa Lewis, Aleah Alexander and Alicia Alexander (the latter, twin sisters), these young ladies are on a mission to spread their messages of love, liberty and respect within a customized, cute tee. With the Acronym P.I.N.K (Promoting Innovative, Noble Kidz) to sum up their trendy brand, their style comes equipped with creativity founded in the development of inner beauty for outward shine.

Check out their website here and support. Mojo Media Online LLC proudly sponsors our P.I.N.K. Boss T-shirts.

Click here for business website:

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