About Mojo Media Online

angela lewisMojo Media Online LLC., is a multi-faceted media company that provides marketing services and promotes overall wellness and professional growth. The company utilizes media streams, original music, books and video to provide information and resources for better living for its global audience. 

Company Initiatives

Mojo Media Online supports small businesses and offers a variety of marketing and media services to support professional success. The company advocates for the Arts and utilizes creative partnerships to produce content and programs to engage and educate its audience.

Mojo Media Online sponsors a non-profit literacy/writing program known as Pen Power Writing Group. The program targets youth ranging in ages and supports their ability to utilize self-expression to inspire and transform communities. Youth are provided workshops for creative writing (songwriting, poetry), effective storytelling, and writing basics to increase literacy and self-confidence. 

Mojo Media Online also utilizes its music label, Mojo Music to create, produce and distribute music that uplifts and inspires. Over the years, the company has developed strong partnerships with various organizations that align with its core values, including but not limited to: Embracing The Queen Within International Network, The Lifestyles Chatroom and Bibs and Business Magazine.

Engage and Empower

The company website allows its audience to engage through content on its online blog, find local events that support personal growth and overall wellness. Visitors can purchase products and support the numerous programs developed to engage and uplift the community. Mojo Media Online believes in the power of media to promote the greater good.

About The Founder

Angela Fedrick-Lewis is a published journalist, author and educator who also serves as a worship leader within her Christian faith. She has written a series of published articles for national publications, devotional ministries, and community newspapers. Angela Fedrick-Lewis released her first music single, “King of All Kings” in 2015 from the Mojo Music label.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Media Arts/ Journalism from Clark Atlanta University and a Masters of Science degree in Education from Long Island University. The entrepreneur has additional education and experience in the Performing Arts, as a graduate of the prestigious North Atlanta High School Center for The Performing Arts. 

Her company vision is to provide resources that promote spiritual and professional growth. “Moving Mountains: How I learned to Love God’s Way,” is her first published book from the Mojo Media publishing division.

Read Upscale Magazine’s Book Review of, “Moving Mountains: How I Learned To Love God’s Way”  in the highlighted text below:

                                                                                012_UPSCALE_Sept_Oct2013 (Review by Jacinta Howard)