Run Towards The Mark!

I’ll paint this picture: God calls you out and positions you to the frontlines. You listen and follow His voice. God calls your Angels in a huddle and gives them the game plan for your shifting season. They take a position alongside you. God simply tells you to keep your eye on the ball and run it to the end yard line. Angels are blocking every tackle as you run. You see the oppositions falling left and right, barely getting close to you.

You went through a painful season of training your legs for this run. You continue to gain traction as your main focus is on not dropping the ball. Your legs are well-prepared for the run, due to the conditioning you endured in your training season. The challenge now is to maintain the focus needed to hold on to the ball. Don’t let go.

You make it, without a tackle or injury as everything around you was in alignment for the win. You just needed to focus and run towards the mark.
-Angela Fedrick-Lewis (CEO Mojo Media Online)
( You are never alone when purpose calls)

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