Be Bold in 2023!

The new year brings new mindsets, new goals and new opportunities for the ambitious. Setting resolutions often results from such groups of people, but can prove to be disappointing when discipline is not at the cornerstone. Rather than setting resolutions, let the challenge be to evaluate one’s own life. A simple way to do an effective self-inventory is to make a list of what is going well and what is not. Stay diligent in what is going well and be bold in embracing the changes that need to happen to rectify the things that are not working.

Boldness in 2023 is to be open to a truthful evaluation of self. Boldness is not about being loud and boastful. Boldness is having courage. It is the courage to pursue, change and to accept the truth about yourself. Sure, setting resolutions may be the trendy thing to do, but is it effective? Stewarding the gifts and responsibilities of your life with courage and purposeful intentions leads to success and a positive mindset. It allows one to see the greatness that is within their current situation. The newness of the year begins with one’s ability to find new ways of managing what’s already in one’s grasp.

Cheers to the New Year!

-Angela Fedrick-Lewis

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