Choose Life: How Our Words Matter

The callousness of mindless chatter is like that of a rollerblading child with a machete. The child is bound to injure, kill or damage himself, others or something in its path. So is the same as one without a disciplined tongue.

For those that acknowledge that God exists and/or utilizes the Bible for guidance, may note a popular scripture in Proverbs 18:21. It reads, “The tongue has the power of life and death,
and those who love it will eat its fruit” (NIV). Essentially, people may use their words to manifest life or manifest death ; it is a double edge sword. When one engages in conversations, it may be wise to listen and decide what fruit may come from the words being spoken.

Be present, but be intentional with the understanding that what we receive with our ears and what we give from our spoken words carry power. For example, a gossiping tongue can feed an atmosphere of jealousy, strife and division. What you feed creates the experiences you encounter and bears fruit in your life. That heaviness at your workplace could very well be the atmosphere you and others created with your words. Likewise, that peace and unity you experience as you enter your workplace is the fruit of your words of encouragement, success and team building. The latter utilized the power of words for life, while the previous example utilized words to manifest a slow death through gossip. The fruit produced was heaviness, weariness, division and mistrust.

This principle is universal and applies in every aspect of our life. Our self-perception is shaped by the words we speak and the words of others we receive. Positive affirmations is a useful tool to incorporate in one’s morning routines to prepare our mindset and train our tongues. It starts with our own disciplining of what we say about ourselves. When we do so, it is much easier to do the same in our social encounters with others. Our words guides our thoughts and our thoughts guides our actions.

Often, people wrestle with their thoughts, not understanding the connection it has to the words one is speaking daily. Just as many guard their homes with fences and security systems, we must guard ourselves from words that kill and discipline our words for life-giving tools. It is the life-producing fruit that nourishes the mind and soul for your life’s journey.

Angela Fedrick-Lewis, Mojo Media Online, Founder

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