Mojo Media Online LLC Sponsors Young Entrepreneurs in Clothing Venture

When we think of the word, “BOSS,” many emotions may flood our conscience, as we vividly are reminded of the tyrant that unfairly placed a letter in our employee file, or maybe that leader that helped us get to the position we envisioned for ourselves by supporting and endorsing our gifts. Whatever the case, three young female entrepreneurs from opposite sides of the East Coast, redefines “BOSS” as a state of  mind. It is in fact the demonstration of inner confidence, respect and drive that these young ladies has put to good use in developing their own online custom T-shirt company, P.I.N.K. Boss T-shirts Incorporated. Completely developed and led by 11-year olds Aneesa Lewis, Aleah Alexander and Alicia Alexander (the latter, twin sisters), these young ladies are on a mission to spread their messages of love, liberty and respect within a customized, cute tee. With the Acronym P.I.N.K (Promoting Innovative, Noble Kidz) to sum up their trendy brand, their style comes equipped with creativity founded in the development of inner beauty for outward shine.

Check out their website here and support. Mojo Media Online LLC proudly sponsors our P.I.N.K. Boss T-shirts.

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P.I.N.K. BOSS T-Shirts

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