Opinion Editorial: What needs to die for life to begin?

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In lieu of the recent Christian holidays of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I am reminded of the resurrecting power of God. I am reminded of the journey of Christ that included ridicule, rejection, accusation, physical violence, sacrifice and death. I am reminded of the plan many could not see or understand. Yet, Christ’s journey was all to bring new life.

What a concept to ponder. Can death actually be the beginning of life? When we see seasons, relationships, mindsets and the things that are comfortable come to an end, is it making way for new and greater in our lives?

Resurrection, in this context is not bringing old things back. Resurrection is restoration of what was broken, soiled, destroyed and damaged to its best condition.

When Jesus ressurected from the dead, His ressurection was the restoration of a people. His death marked the death of our own condemnation and his ressurection marked the beginning of life in victory and freedom.

What are we willing to let die to embrace the fullness of who we are created to be? Are we willing to accept the often painful process, to gain something greater?

The condition of our heart, mind and soul can be attributed to what we have or have not allowed to die, to gain the life God desires for us. –Angela Fedrick-Lewis

Photo Credit: Ben Goode

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