Reflections: Memorializing Vs. Honoring

In honor of Memorial Day, may there be a moment of silence for the fallen veterans who sacrificed their lives for the causes of the United States of America. It takes courage, sacrifice and the willingness to accept death as a means to complete the mission for a wider cause.

This Memorial Day has sparked reflection on spiritual matters as it pertains to death. What is one willing to lose to gain something much more?

Many are holding on to things that are already dead. These things have become dead weight that are keeping many from moving forward and progressing. The things that are no longer fruitful and are no longer applicable to one’s life must be released, not memorialized.

One must not memorialize pain, delay, dysfunction and despair, but see them as products of events, decisions and interactions meant to move and grow beyond. Honor what is commendable and of good cause and honor the lessons learned in life by being better.

Let those things that are spiritually dead rest. They are not meant to be resurrected nor memorialized. Let this season be for growing and accepting the new paths and visions that have emerged from letting the dead things go, making space for new beginnings. -A.F.L.

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