The Pen…

As I sit here typing, wondering how and why I have come to this place, my pen becomes the lyrics to a song yet unfinished. “Two steps forward, two steps back,” play in my head like a song you have heard too many times, but it remains a staple in the current culture of music. It’s on every station, although you rather not hear it. In this season in my life, I find myself looking to turn the station, but it is impossible to escape the melody whose lyrics are kept in the secret places of my faith and my ability to overcome through Christ. You see, today I find myself in the midst of a battle I thought was over. I find myself having to re-open the pages of a song book, that I thought was complete, yet I find myself back here staring at an empty page I missed.

This is one of those moments where you call out to God, asking that he write out those lyrics, because you are tired. It is a moment when God answers and says, “I will, just supply the melody I already gave you.”

Today, I encourage my readers to be reminded that the twists and turns in your life are not to be mistaken as God having forgotten about His promises to you. No, quite often, those twists and turns happen because the promise He made to you will ultimately effect everyone around you. He is shifting and changing your atmosphere, so when you walk into that promise, there is no doubt of who brought you there. His ways are awesome, just trust the process. What we deem as going backwards is indeed a step forward. God ties every loose end to ensure what is yours will be yours. I am reminded of the children of Israel who were freed from their enslavement from Pharaoh. The promised messenger, “Moses” had arrived and done what God said He would do. The people witnessed how God destroyed the army who again tried to re-capture them by the miracle of the parting sea. I am for sure that the people celebrated this victory and looked onward to the land of milk and honey at their reach. Indeed it was, but God brought upon preparation to ensure their blessing would be well-received. They were brought through a wilderness to learn to depend on God for their most basic needs (food, shelter,etc). After all, they were slaves for an extended period of time and retraining of their mind , even hearts were a priority to God. Many lost their way due to impatience, and most did not obtain the promised land. Many grew tired, thinking that God had forgotten them, not understanding why the road was not made easier. The race is not for the swift my sisters and brothers. Stay the course and see the promise of God as he knows what you need when you need it. Trust that He is good and He will complete the work He has begun in you.


I have a melody. God has the pen. May these words help you remember that your song is music to the kingdom of God and He is perfecting it. Sing and keep going.


Angela Monique

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