Tips for Combating Stress

  • According to the latest, 2014 U.S. Stress Statistics, 77% of the population reported physical stress symptoms and 73% reported pyschological stress symptoms. The concern now lies within how people are managing their lives and the actual quality of life the average American lives. Over time, high levels of prolonged stress can result in serious illnesses that lead to stroke, high blood pressure and heart issues. As people become more aware of their bodies and mind signals that indicate stress overload, there are a few easy life changes to help combat the negative effects of stress.

Essentials for maintaining a healthy level of stress ( stress is not bad in itself. Too much stress is what becomes unhealthy):

1). Do not over-commit. Weigh your schedule of responsibilities, before taking on a new project.

2. Be honest. Lying or hiding the truth will always become a torment over time. Be honest from the beginning and keep a clean conscience.

3. Prioritize what is most important. Keeping a checklist of no more than three daily tasks of must-do’s will help to weed out the lesser things.

4. Take at least an hour, daily to rest and be by yourself. This time could be spent: napping, meditating or just doing something enjoyable for yourself.

5. Have a support system of people trustworthy and that brings honest-perspectives and positivity to your life.

6. Have a set time to sleep and make a point to eat balanced meals, despite the urge to skip these neccessities, in order to complete projects. Poor diet and lack of sleep only contributes to poor quality work that adds more stress while taking a toll on the body and mind.

7. Exercise! Exercising improves circulation, oxygen intake, loosen muscle tension and releases endorphines that makes you feel happy. Start small with an effective walk and build up your stamina for more.

8.  Always find one accomplishment per day, to acknowledge. This could be, paying that bill on time, a great presentation, completing laundry, etc. No matter how big or small, congratulate yourself. This keeps you motivated for the long haul and combats the desire to stress over what you can’t control.

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