Trust The Captain: A fresh view on relationships

There are two important words within the word Relationship: “Relation” and “Ship.”  When we begin to explore what it means to be in a relationship; these two words become key in how we approach and navigate through them. The word “relation” is used to describe how two or more things compare, interact and contrast with each other. By understanding this root word in terms of our perspective on the concept of relationship; we can develop healthy relationships or break away from unhealthy ones.

No two people are the same and with each new relationship, there are bound to be differences and similarities, conflicts and compliments that can either help or hinder our growth as people. A deliberate evaluation of how we relate with others is necessary in determining the position they should hold within our lives. This evaluation requires the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit and our God-given ability to observe what a person contributes to our lives as well as what we contribute to theirs. The contribution does not have to be equal, but it should be positive. Furthermore, if the contribution is negative, the decision to limit the interactions within the relationship may be necessary or end it completely. A negative contribution does not always mean the relationship is not fruitful.  Some relationships can be challenging in a way that produces maturity and growth. This is where wisdom plays its role and the “ship” part of the word is most evident.

Relationships evolve, move and reposition constantly. The word “ship” signifies a vessel that transports its occupants from one place to another. A “ship” requires a captain and the ship sets sail when the atmosphere is conducive for travel. As you enter friendships or a courtship with a potential mate, understand that there is a divine timeframe set for these relationships. Under the right conditions, the captain knows when to set sail and allow these journeys to begin and end. Trust the captain.

So, what does this all mean? When we engage with others, it is important to understand that every interaction leads us somewhere. The gift of sharing aspects of ourselves with others is valuable and should be viewed from this lens. Whatever is valued in life is protected and when we begin to evaluate how and with whom we share, our circle of people become strong sails that lead each other to one’s destiny. However, every sail requires a captain. The most important relationship is with the captain, whom will guide you and those accompanying you on the voyage. There is limited space on the ship and everyone may not be able to sail with you. Perhaps some will see you off from the dock, while others will meet you once you reach your destination. Whatever the case, know that your relationships correlate directly with your destiny. God’s plans for you are facilitated by these divine connections, and when we allow God to be the captain, our sail becomes a bit smoother.

May your prayers this year be that God gives you wisdom in all relationships. May He guide you in being discerning of all interactions and value the relationships God has brought in to facilitate growth and movement of His people in 2017. ~originally written by Angela Fedrick-Lewis for Daughters of Esther, INC Newsletter

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