Vitalizing Your Vision Series

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Presented by Embracing The Queen Within Int’l Network (ETQW) in partnership with Mojo Media Online, this panel discussion is the first edition of the “Vitalizing Vision ” series for family and business.

A special thank you to our panelists Ty Hankerson and Aiysha Jaggassar for leading the discussion and providing some invaluable jewels.

About the Panelists:
Ty Hankerson is a gifted speaker and servant leader that serves as Director of Community Outreach and Events for the New York City Council. He has co-organized many events, including the Code Black Protest that helped to bridge peaceful communication between the New York Police Department and the citizens they serve, garnering national attention. He also serves as oversight of community activism ministry at the Excelling Church in New York and continues to lend himself as a mentor and visionary.

Aiysha Jaggassar is a highly-respected educator and owner of Tante Et Moi, which offers educational consulting and services to promote youth development. Aiysha also serves as a community board 12 member in Queens NY and uses her gifts to advocate for community members and the children she views as essential to our future. Aiysha is a member of The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa Incorporated, NAACP and a slew of other community-based organizations. She is an entrepreneur with a heart for change and growth. FB @TanteEtmoi

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