Motivational Minute: Who Am I In This Situation?

Life and our life decisions can put us in hard situations. We must learn and move on. We must grow wiser, be more discerning. We must pray before every decision and be consistent in our walk with God, so we are prepared for curve balls. One powerful question I now ask is this: “God, show me who I Am in this situation?” Sometimes our personality can be at odds with what is being required of us by God, in the various seasons. Sometimes, we are called to be a fighter, when we are normally passive. Sometimes, we are called to be silent, when we are usually sociable and outspoken. Sometimes, we are called to be leaders, when we normally follow. This is why I have begun to ask this question, when faced with major decisions.
God is not limited by our limits or our comfortability. We are clay in His hands. He is the potter. He will work through the shepherd boy to be a warrior and a person with speech issues to be His mouthpiece.

Be willing, be open and be ready for what is required of you. God just needs a yes. He will do the rest.😉

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