Beauty and the Business: How Celebrity Stylist Beautii Joseph Made Her Dream a Reality

(originally posted in 2009)

While in the hands of celebrity stylist and beauty entrepreneur Beautii Joseph, a pair of shears and a flat iron is transformed into a tool of art, and even Picasso is taking notes.

The 35-year-old Miami native and single mother decided her future at the tender age of 16 when she began her hair studies. Specializing in hair weaving and coloring, Joseph’s ability to learn quickly coupled with raw talent, landed her a spot as a Master Stylist at some of Miami’s most upscale salon and spas. Her engaging personality and love of people allowed her to rub shoulders with many entertainment industry insiders, yielding her an opportunity of a lifetime.

“I was going to a concert and my friend gave me backstage passes. Alicia Keyes and some others were performing. I got there about an hour or two early because my friend needed a ride to do some press release stuff and I found out that Alicia Keyes’s stylist didn’t show up for the concert,” says Joseph.

Not knowing who Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Alicia Keyes was at the time, Joseph watched as the backstage quickly turned into a frantic ground search for a good hair stylist.

“One of her [Alicia Keyes’] people asked if anybody knew a hairstylist in the city, and I shyly answered, ‘I’m a hairstylist’,” explains Joseph.

“I was asked if I had any of my stuff with me. I said no, but all I need is a pair of shears, a flat iron and a comb.”

The life-altering event catapulted Joseph’s career as a celebrity stylist, as Keyes began referring other celebrities to the crafty stylist.

 The experience taught Joseph to never let an opportunity pass her by, and she never would.

In 2005, Joseph moved to Philadelphia and opened up her first salon, “Spoiled Boutique and Salon” DBA Spoiled Inc., while attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

“Having a business while in school was challenging, but I still had to make money in order to further my education. Education is the key to everyone’s success and I was able to do it with the help of God and family,” says Joseph.

After earning a B.S. dual degree in fashion Design and Business Management, Joseph moved to Atlanta and continued her advocacy of education by producing a series of informational DVDs called, “Beauty University.” The DVD series is designed to instruct others on how to properly utilize new and innovative styling techniques.

“I’ve been in the game for a while and I feel there is no competition out there. If there is competition, it’s more of a learning competition than whose better. My DVD’s are for current and aspiring stylists who want to make it to the next level. I believe that if you have the right training, you will be able to keep up by learning new skills and by learning how to be versatile,” says Joseph.

In addition to DVDs, Joseph created “Spoiled Beauty Formula,” her all-natural beauty product line designed to promote healthy hair.

 “I wanted to take it back to our roots, before manufacturing artificial ingredients in bulk became easier than going to a farm to get organic fruits and vegetables,” says Joseph.

Although her beauty line has proven to be a success, Joseph prefers to sell the products exclusively online and in select salons.

After earning a reputation as a serious businesswoman, Joseph became the owner of three beauty salons before the age of 30 and is now taking the Atlanta beauty scene by storm with her cutting edge designs and techniques. Her styles can be seen on the runways of the country’s most popular hair shows, music videos and red carpet events.  Serving both non-celebrity and celebrity clients, Joseph’s “Spoiled Opulence Salon,” located in midtown Atlanta has a growing clientele that includes singer/songwriter Regina Bell, actresses Lauren London and Monica Calhoun, rapper Trina and a host of other A-listers.

“God has definitely blessed me by allowing me to be at the right place at the right time. I advise aspiring celebrity stylists to stay focus on what it is you want to do and be around people that will motivate you to do more,” says Joseph.

“I have path goals for five, ten and twenty years from now and you definitely have to have goals set for your future. If you don’t, you will be in a confused state of mind, living day by day, and that is not good,” adds Joseph.

For many stylists, Joseph is that motivator who keeps them focused on their dreams. In only a short period of time, the beauty guru has managed to transform her styling career into a brand and is looking forward to eventually passing her golden scissors to one of her mentees.

“My main focus is to have different salons in different states to provide jobs for aspiring stylists. Ten years from now, I see myself retired from behind the styling booth and traveling the world doing seminars and workshops to hopefully inspire new hair stylists,” says Joseph.

With a solid track record of success, Joseph’s long-term goal of providing a platform for others looks promising, proving that her true “beautii,” really comes from within.

Beauty 101

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What are the dos and don’ts of selecting the right hair color?

Answer: Color selection is seasonally. For the summer months, you should utilize more of the bronzes, honey blonds or light browns because most women get tans during the summer and these colors give you a sun-kissed look. Blacks, reds, chocolates and burgundies should be saved for the winter/fall months, not only because of the season, but because lighter color hair tends to dry out quicker during the winter. Always keep in mind of your skin tone as really bright colors on darker skinned women may give them an unnatural look and really dark colors on lighter skin women can give them an unnatural washed out look.

Ques: What are the dos and don’ts of styling women of color vs. Caucasian women?

Answer:  For most African- American women and Hispanics, really bright colors can give you an over-the-top look that most women don’t want. Caucasian women should again stick with brighter colors. Women of color also tend to need more moisture in their hair because their scalps do not produce as much oil as Caucasian women. Even product lines geared toward African American women have much larger amounts of conditioner and often have pre and post-conditioning products to retain more moisture. Caucasian women need moisture, but because their scalps tend to hold much more oil, African-American styling products may be too heavy for their hair.

Ques: Does brushing your hair twice a day promote hair growth?

Answer: Brushing does stimulate blood flow in your scalp, which causes the hair follicles to grow hair. However, you must use the right brush and the right bristles to truly see the effect.

Ques: How do you keep your natural hair healthy when wearing a weave?

Answer: Before adding extensions to my client’s hair, I give them a “Sweet Treatment,” which is a deep-conditioning treatment off my “Spoiled Beauty Formula” product line. The treatment is needed because when wearing extensions, the natural hair gets pulled, snagged and is braided with thread going through it, so it’s a lot of strain on the hair. I recommend giving the treatment before adding any extensions because it helps to strengthen the hair. Every two days, you should spray a light leave in conditioner in between the braids. I also recommend shampooing and conditioning the hair at least every two weeks. Waiting five to seven days before you get a new weave sewn in is important because the natural hair needs a rest from strenuous pulling.

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