Gospel Artist Leandria Johnson debuts “Bigger Than Me” Album in NYC

lelemeWith her latest singles from her new release, “Bigger Than Me” blaring in the intimate studio space at Sony Music headquarters, Gospel Artist and Minister Leandria Johnson, is a vision of all smiles with a bold red and white shimmery T-shirt, with the words, “Bonjour” blazoned on the front, matching an even bolder personality.

“What do you all think?” asks the former Gospel Best’s Talent show winner, as she directs her question to Sony execs and producers standing and seated among the crowd of music lovers and artists. She explains how she values their opinion, after receiving applause from the wider audience of invited guests. Far from the controversial aspects that has sometimes become the headline attached to the name of Minister Leandria Johnson; the intimate atmosphere of the listening party has put a spotlight on the glowing star’s vulnerability as she cautiously nods as listeners and spectators voice their opinion of her latest work. When provided the opportunity to speak with the glowing starlet, her stature alone toppled mine in height, but in our exchanges regarding her album and work, the songstress almost shyly offered a warm thank-you. She then accepted a congratulatory card on behalf of Mojo Media Online and with gratitude, warmly gave a hug and excitedly voiced, “You are so sweet.” It was yet another moment of seeing the humility of a young woman with an extraordinary gift, just happy to express and share.

Johnson’s riveting contralto melodies, seemed to float through the room as one crowd favorite, “Bigger Than Me,” plays to bobbing heads and swaying bodies. The song is the first released single off the album of the same name and serves as a testament to a self-described, “imperfect person” that serves and knows a perfect God. Minister Johnson explains to one listener during a Q and A session that she knows the God she serves and she does not think about what people say in regards to her personally, but strives to stay true to her self and what God is doing within her. The overall message of the album and transitioning artist is that what God is releasing through His people is bigger than the woman we see standing before the masses. God’s plans and ways He chooses to use us is bigger than our circumstances and bigger than our mistakes.

Other songs include, ” Change is Now” which highlights Johnson’s powerhouse vocals, “Love Anymore” a catchy call to love better and “Come Through,” a R&B-vibed plea for God to show up.  Johnson experiments with various producers over modernized, old-school sounds that showcases a spirited message and voice that affirms identity and a bold willingness to stand with God, despite naysayers. The album also follows much of the leading message behind Minister Johnson’s popular hit, “Jesus” in combining her testimonies with the truth she has come to know.

“Bigger Than Me,” is a soulful, gospel album that almost feels as Minister Johnson’s personal diary being opened up to encourage the next man and woman needing affirmation of God’s presence and God’s love. It is an album that connects generations in its message and delivery. “Bigger Than Me” is sure to be a staple for the young and the golden in both age and spiritual maturity.

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