Mommy and Mogul: How To Successfully Wear Both Titles

Ever since the feminist movement of the 1960′s, women and men have debated the issue of whether women can manage success as both a mother and career woman. Many traditionalists have argued that mothers who serve as business women are not able to pay adequate attention to both areas and a choice must be made between the two.

Although these attitudes still exist today, many women have proven this notion of choice inapplicable to their lives. From mother of three, Kimora Lee Simmons who served as  CEO/ Creative Director of Baby Phat Clothing since its conception and is now Creative Director for JustFab, to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer who took on the role while pregnant and controversially returned back to work less than six weeks after delivery; women appear to be excelling  while wearing both societal suits.

So how do they do it?  With many popular business women enlisting the help of  nannies to lighten the load while facing the scrutiny of not truly embracing the role of motherhood, others have utilized their natural family structure to make it work. Regardless of the structure a woman chooses to balance these roles, there is some practical advice that all “mommy moguls” could benefit from.

Top Five Tips For Mothers In Business

  1. Create A Daily Schedule That Leaves Room For The Unexpected:

Over half of the mothers interviewed agreed that a daily schedule is essential in balancing motherhood and work tasks. Creating a work schedule around your family provides consistency and less stress in managing your time between work and kids. This is most easily accomplished by entrepreneurs who are able to create their own work hours while being sure to leave at least an hour open for the unexpected. Business women working within an established company are encouraged to negotiate a reasonable schedule that accommodates their family prior to accepting a position.

  1. Create A Network Of  Moms:

Support is essential for all mothers. Playgrounds, parks, schools and community centers are great places to meet other moms and develop relationships that help aid the ever-adventurous journey through motherhood. Within your circle of moms, you can utilize carpooling, set up play-dates for the kids, find trustworthy baby-sitters and gain an opportunity to share and exchange ideas and thoughts pertaining to “all things mom.”

  1. Take Time For You:

Remember that “a happy mom means a happy family.” It is important to take time for yourself to do something you enjoy such as working out, reading a good book or enjoying a relaxing mani-pedi to avoid burn-out. Many mothers neglect this notion of taking time out for themselves due to feelings of guilt from being away from kids to complete work. However, a stressed out mom is in no-way good for the family. Whether it be an hour or a few, plan time to unwind and rejuvenate yourself to stay mentally and physically healthy. Your family and business deserves the “best of you.”

  1. Prioritize Your Life:

By letting every decision you make be grounded in the principle of “family first,” mothers will find it easier in deciding what tasks to take on and ones to turn down.  One wise mother is quoted as saying, “a legacy is not built in a business; it is built in your kids.”  Make sure to invest as much quality time in your kids as possible. Finding creative ways to include them in certain aspects of your business is a plus.

  1. Follow Your Dreams

Some of the most fulfilled people are those who spend a lifetime doing what they love to do. With motherhood being one of the most joyous and challenging experiences a woman can have; the pursuit of financial stability can often throw a monkey wrench in the equation. This is where skill and passion can be joined to create a wondrous entrepreneurship opportunity that meets both the financial and creative needs for an innovative mom. Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions while being open to correction and learning from mistakes in order to refine and/or relaunch your business. Remember, motherhood is a full-time job in itself. Why not make your second job an enjoyable one?


Here’s More Inspiring Insights From Successful Mothers In Business:


angela morris(Photo by Paul Mcpherson Jr.)

Angela  Morris, Celebrity Photographer and Owner of continues to be a sought after fixture in both the entertainment and media industry. Having photographed some of pop culture’s most iconic talents such as Usher and Linkin Park while working out of three studio locations in major cities, her work has graced the covers of  magazines and books across the globe. This busy wife and mom shares her formula for balancing a demanding career that requires traveling and odd hours while mothering three lively children:

“Multi-tasking is obviously key for working moms in order to make the most of work time and family time. I  incorporate my kids into what used to be my personal activities.  For exercise during the summer, I swim whenever possible, so it’s a great time to take the kids swimming with me while I work in a few leg kicks and laps.  If swimming is not your thing, Heidi Powell from ‘Extreme Makeover’ has some great five-minute total body workouts that you can do at home – my kids even like to try them with me!

If I need to paint my toenails for a work event, I paint my girls nails at the same time, which they love.  If I don’t have time to paint my toenails I wear peep-toe shoes and paint  just my first two toes.  I keep touch up nail polish in the car and I always have extra heels with me to quickly dress up jeans and a button down in case I have to meet a client  between running errands and carting kids to and from their activities. ” – Angela Morris

Company Website:

Studio Locations:


Los Angeles/

New York/

ArianArian T. Moore, Author of Enlivened by Faith: Losing Weight with God’s Help, Founder and Publisher of Enliven Magazine, PR Manager for Mojo Media Online and College Professor wears many professional hats while parenting two young sons with her husband. With a passion for Health and Wellness, this fitness guru and academic shares her insights on what keeps her moving:

” Being a full time mom to small children and a business owner is no easy task. You have to be very organized and aware of increments of time that allow for work (i.e. nap time).

Motherhood is a business of its own, so being an entrepreneur essentially means that you have two businesses. Remember that you don’t have to do it all in one day. Endeavor to do the most important things and get to the other things at another time.” – Arian T. Moore

Company Website:

“Enlivened by Faith: Losing Weight with God’s Help” available on


patriceinlinePatrice Cochran, Photojournalist, Fine Art /Nature Photographer and Owner of has a special eye for life’s most beautiful creations, with her daughter ranking number one. This proud mother, wife and entrepreneur shares her insights on babies and business:

“It’s not easy balancing a business and being a mom, and with the added difficulty of being a military spouse, the balancing act sometimes gets the best of me. I actually quit a full-time job in customer service at an art museum to pursue doing photography full time. Since photography is a creative career, it requires my full attention and I wasn’t sure how to balance it out when Michelle (my daughter) was born. I tried taking her with me to shoot, but it was dangerous trying to maneuver her in a stroller and carry all my gear too. Also, I couldn’t take all the time required because she’d get hot or hungry and start getting fussy. For a moment, I didn’t think I would be able to continue to do what I loved, but then I figured out how to make my work life and home life equal.

I go out and shoot on the weekends since my husband doesn’t work weekends. He appreciates the daddy time since he doesn’t get to spend much time with her during the week. I leave in the morning when the light is perfect and I come back around the evening to process and edit my images. During the week, I focus on the business end, working on my website, handling orders and purchasing things I need for the upcoming work weekend. For me, it’s a 24/7 job, but I’m happy! I look forward to the weekend, not to rest, but to go off on my own and do what I love!”-Patrice Cochran

Company Website:

Facebook: Patrice Cochran Photography

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