Tea Time in the Spring Time: ‘Black is The New Green’

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Spring has sprung.  A new day has begun.  

Our season of change occurs daily and four times per year;

summer, fall, winter, and now spring.

We’re springing forward with a new beginning.

New opportunities for a new day.

Wellness in the spring is a great time to start new projects, clean, and cleanse our inner-beings.

If you’ve never utilized tea to support your health, start with a simple blend of black tea.

Yes, green tea has been the trend of a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

But “black is the new green.”

Theaflavins are a fermentation of green tea extracts that are used to form black tea.

Some of the benefits of black tea is linked to reduce damage caused by inflammation-based diseases;  such as, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Both teas, black & green, have great health benefits that help to support your healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few recommended organic black and green tea brands to try, based on recent national reviews:

  1. The Tea Spot
  2. Numi Organic Tea
  3. STASH

-Que’Ana Morris Jackson, Traditional Naturopathy Practicioner

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