Virtual Wellness For Women

Living in a society where we are having to adapt to “new normals” has given us free range over what we take in and leave out.  Over the past year, everyone’s wellbeing has been at the forefront of our thoughts.  Though some opinions may differ, we have all been mindful of the impact of one issue and how it can affect something else in a reactive way that’s not so great. As we celebrate “International Women’s Month” in March, let us pause and show gratitude for life and the air we breathe.

The air we breathe fills our inner-beings with a newness of a fresh start to replenish the last air we inhaled.  One of the many things that physicians check when we go to a check-up is our lungs.  They use a stethoscope to listen for the way air enters our lungs and exits.  Now that we are living in a mostly virtual world, virtual wellness has become the trend for modern society. 

Virtual wellness is our new option to get our checkups in non-emergency situations.  It is an easy and simple process that allows us to be in control of our health with the guidance of our wellness professional.  There are several ways to stay connected in these types of settings, such as; keeping a journal to log the information we receive at our appointment, writing down any concerns we may have before the appointment, and asking clarifying questions about anything that was shared with us at the appointment. Be sure to include the date, time, and professional’s name that conducted the checkup.  If a request is submitted for lab work by a physician, there are options for that.  We will go in depth in the next issue about virtual wellness options for women.

Let’s continue to do daily examinations of our bodies to stay in control of our health. -Que’Ana Morris Jackson, Traditional Naturopathy Practitioner

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