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Women’s Empowerment Brunch: Healing Inner Turmoil

March 17, 2019

Our partners at Embracing The Queen Within In’tl Network will host an empowerment brunch on March 30, 2019 at Fortified City Church in Marietta, Ga. The brunch includes a discussion panel focused on healing from inner turmoil and trauma, fellowship with other women in a safe and empowering atmosphere and a delicious brunch to nourish the body as you nourish your soul!

The event is free, but a $10 love donation is greatly appreciated to help fund further events and empowerment series. If unable to attend the brunch, be sure to log onto the live stream of the event on Facebook @The Lyfestyles Chat Room. Don’t miss these incredible panelists and a deep-dive into inner healing!

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Run Towards The Mark!

March 16, 2019

I’ll paint this picture: God calls you out and positions you to the frontlines. You listen and follow His voice. God calls your Angels in a huddle and gives them the game plan for your shifting season. They take a position alongside you. God simply tells you to keep your eye on the ball and run it to the end yard line. Angels are blocking every tackle as you run. You see the oppositions falling left and right, barely getting close to you.

You went through a painful season of training your legs for this run. You continue to gain traction as your main focus is on not dropping the ball. Your legs are well-prepared for the run, due to the conditioning you endured in your training season. The challenge now is to maintain the focus needed to hold on to the ball. Don’t let go.

You make it, without a tackle or injury as everything around you was in alignment for the win. You just needed to focus and run towards the mark.
-Angela Fedrick-Lewis (CEO Mojo Media Online)
( You are never alone when purpose calls)

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Quote of the Day: Season For Nothing

February 3, 2019

It is said that there is a season for everything. Be reminded that there is also a season for nothing. In the nothing season, you are to be still in order to enter the season that produces. -A.F.L.

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You Are Not Alone: When Rejection Grows You

August 9, 2018
Disappointed teenage girl covering her face with hands

In light of recent viral testimonies inspired by the hash-tagged, “Churchhurt” movement, it is important to understand the root of anger for so many people. Anger is just a symptom of deep pain that could be the result of past rejections. However, it takes courage to be able to address that pain to find your way to healing. It is easy and quite normal to lash out, but once the tears begin to dry and the anger begins to settle, there are a few jewels within the depths of rejection.

  1. For the believers in God, rejection from man allows for a dependency on God and a more intimate relationship with Him. The inconsistency of people, highlights the consistency of God and His love, allowing your full trust to be put back in Him.
  2. Rejection helps to strip away a “people pleasing” attitude. Such stripping away makes room for people to develop into the people God called them to be, not what man expects them to be. Additionally, “people pleasing” attitudes keeps people from taking risks and living life within their purposes out of fear of what others may think or say.
  3. Rejection aids in humility when viewed and handled from a spiritual perspective. When people experience rejection, they are in a better position to empathize with others who are struggling and better recognize the pain within others. The reason is because rejection from people can rattle our egos, hurt our pride and forces us to re-evaluate our “position” in the eyes of others, often those we love. It is true that when rejection is not properly addressed and the person remains wounded rather than healed, it could produce a very bitter, insecure and maybe abusive person. These are symptoms of unhealed pain. However, if one chooses to heal from the wound of rejection, then it can produce a very patient, humble and empathetic vessel that God can use powerfully towards someone else’s healing.
  4. Rejection can produce inner confidence. As much as that sounds like an oxymoron, the road of healing from rejection leads to a more self-assured, fearless person. As mentioned in the second point, when “people-pleasing” is stripped away, you realize that man’s acceptance is fickle and cannot be used to determine your destiny or the direction you take. Rejection pushes you to define life by your own terms and for believers, God’s terms. You are not easily swayed from your focus and will begin to prioritize the things in life that truly matters.
  5. Rejection can save you. Sometimes people stay in jobs, places and social circles way too long than their purpose permits. Rejection is meant to force you towards the destiny you were called to obtain. In other words, rejection is the ultimate projection for something greater.

In conclusion, rejection can be painful, but it can also produce some remarkable characteristics in us, if we allow the healing.

The video attached to this post is a testimony from Pastor Riva Tims, who experienced betrayal and rejection within a very public platform.  By sharing this video of her personal journey, which includes tragedy and revelation, it is our prayer that it inspires those hurting and dealing with rejection; whether from a spouse, former friends or the church to move forward in healing and understanding that there is great purpose beyond the pain.

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Community Health and Wellness Workshop

May 21, 2018
EducationalPresentation flyerE

EducationalPresentation flyerE  Taking pointers from the former U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, the “Kandescent” Krinon Club is encouraging the community to get moving and get educated! Come join the educators and instructors for an evening of health and wellness while engaging in yoga techniques, Zumba and invaluable information. Dress comfortably!

Free to the public. Light refreshments served.

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Krinon Club Fundraiser Event

May 21, 2018

Come join the funupdatedflyer and help support the ladies of  the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa Incorporated, in their community activism of educational advancement, scholarship and mentoring services at this year’s “Canvas and Callas” Sip and Paint Fundraiser, hosted by the “Kandescent” Krinon Club. Please see flyer for details and happy painting!

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Educational Organization features Aneesa Lewis as Musical Guest

February 15, 2018
aneesa flyer

Please join in supporting Aneesa Lewis, a multi-talented artist slated to lend her gifts to support educators and the advancement of education. ‘Aneesa’ (stage name), is the daughter of Mojo Media Online’s founder, Angela Fedrick-Lewis and will serve as the musical guest for the 2018 Phi Delta Kappa International Awards and Educator Induction Ceremony in Long Island. At the age of 13, Aneesa has already established her own T-shirt business, designing shirts using her original artwork (Pink Boss Tees). She has performed in various school-based musical productions as a Gifted and Talented Scholar and volunteers her gift of song to spread joy at adult-living Community Centers across New York.

Ticket Info will be posted via Phi Delta Kappa chapter 1524 site and updated with a link below. Please see flyer for date and time.


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Join The Conversation!

February 6, 2018

Educator and Licensed Counselor Precious Douse hosts another panel discussion on relationships at the Light Chaser Church in Jonesboro, Georgia on Feb. 17th. The panel will discuss gender roles and how relationships are impacted by these expectations within an evolving society where gender neutrality is at the forefront. The panel discussion is live streamed on Facebook, such as all the panels presented by the Facebook group, “The Lyfestyles Chatroom.” Be sure to like the page and join the discussion. (Please see flyer for time and details.)

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Healthy Sex in Healthy Marriages

December 3, 2017

Here’s Another One! Join the discussion as The Lyfestyles Chat Room discusses…SEX.

Hosted by Licensed Counselor Precious Douse , LPC, M.Ed and Pastor Melody Saunders, M.R.E,
the duo leaves no topic unexplored, while developing healthy and kingdom-minded people and relationships. Join the conversation Live!